Cooperation: people and high-tech systems

The distribution business is a service business. Based on this idea, Seria reviews every store operation from the customer's point of view and keeps developing new operation systems. At each shop, we ensure careful store instruction for the ordering stock, store display, staff management and customer etiquette. At the same time, we promote aggressive informatization such as a real-time POS system, an ordering system terminal with product pictures to all the stores, and computerization of our ordering system over the internet.
The streamlining of store operation by installing high-tech systems frees our staff up to have time to communicate with customers, which is the foundation of new growth. We are committed to making every effort to create such interactive stores.

Supporting system of store operation

Seria promotes the development of support systems for store operation, so that new staff can confidently offer high-quality service in all the stores. By close cooperation with head office systems, we have simplified and streamlined all those operations that are needed to ensure good management, such as ordering or staff assignment; this has allowed us to develop a system where staff can focus on display and with the offering of quality service to customers at its heart.

Real-time POS system

Real-time internet-based POS system is installed in all the stores.
This is our original user freindly system.

Labor scheduling system

Palm-vein authentication security devices are installed to manage staff schedules and hours.
The system centralizes the information at the main office and automatically creates for each store the optimum plan for staff assignments and schedule control. The collation of such data allows our store managers to work more efficiently.

Ordering support system [Touch One]

All the stores are equipped with "Touch One", an ordering system terminal with product pictures; it enables store staff to immediately place the optimum order based on the information given by the ordering support system.