Environmental design that helps the company grow, and allows our staff to feel they can develop their abilities.

"Seria" means earnest in Italian. Our goal is to supply products that are customers consider to be worth the price. Therefore, we embedded our attitude of working in earnest in the name of the company. Seria shares its goals and philosophy with all our employees, and asks them to be earnest in all that they do. Additionally, we actively encourage a company culture where every employee is motivated and encouraged by the pleasure and satisfaction our customers experience when they buy one of our products; employees who are self motivated and take pride in their work will ensure the company's prosperity.
Moving in this direction, Seria has eliminated the barriers between new graduate and mid-career employee, and also between full-time and part-time staff; we have established a system that appreciates their ambition and performance. We value in-store experience, and endeavor to create a climate where employees can grow as the company grows.

Staff training program

Every month new staff alternate "Head office training" dealing with store operation, service to customers and product planning, with "Store training," practical training in a store. This repeated training improves their abilities and deepens their understanding of Seria's original philosophy. We also focus the training program according to the type of job and position. For example, "Checker training", is for store staff to improve their service; "Store manager training," is to standardize best practice among store managers. Such activities help us to create a flexible organization where the company helps each employee to realize their goals.

Improvement of working environment

In Seria, we are actively promoting measures to improve the working environment of women; our women employees play an essential part in our stores and the very best training and active utilization of part-time staff is an important issue. All our staff receive a first-rate and thorough training; especially in customer service and "Checker training".
Depending on their motivation and ability, part-time employees are given the authority and the responsibility of store operation, and can be given training to be a store manager. By cooperation with the area manager, they are able to use their abilities to the maximum.