Merchandise development: fulfilling our customer's needs.

What do our customers consider to be a product with value? --------- Seria's challenge is to keep creating products with a value of more than 100yen. To achieve our goal we make full use of POS (Point Of Sales) data analysis to discover our customer's preferences and needs; working closely with our manufacturers we then study this detailed and original analysis data to develop clearly targeted new merchandise designs in tune with current trends and the market.
In parallel with new development, we discontinue any lines that are not supported by customers and thus ensure the creation of a well-selected assortment of products. In addition, by developing events to showcase product features, we are making every effort to reflect seasonal feelings and colors. We maintain our own in-house product quality department and constantly inspect quality, function and design.

Merchandise development concept

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PB (Private brand) products

In order to keep appealing to our customers, we have made full use of our purchasing power to take advantage of scale and our original ability to develop PB products. Considering not only the price but health, safety, and the environment, we promote new product development with Seria's taste: colorfulness.