An impressive space created together with customers

At the root of a Seria store, there is our desire to be "close to our customer's life". Before we open a shop, we carry out intensive research of the potential market size and market features and choose mainly areas with high needs. We take advantage of scale by multi-store operation; on the other hand, we are sensitive to the features of an area and create stores in harmony with their surrounding environment.

Store development concept

At each store, we aim to create an environment where customers can easily find and choose products, and we promote optimum-sized shops to ensure enough space and brightness. By connecting deeply with our customer's life, we are trying to create a store where a customer can repeatedly feel the pleasure of finding new things to complement their life and the joy of choosing quality goods.

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Store design

Each store is designed to be neat and tidy, clean and bright with the space for customers to enjoy shopping comfortably. Display racks and shelving are designed with enough height and width for customers to easily communicate with family and friends. By changing products, colors and attractive displays we aim to create "the shop which customers want to visit and enjoy everyday". Our stores are also designed to be liked and appreciated by people and the local community; Seria is proud of its natural interiors and how its shop exteriors blend in harmony with the surrounding scenery.